Play by Patrick Marber. "In Closer, London of the 1990s is plastic and blank, waiting for an upload of true human intimacy.  But as four Londoners seek and evade each other, flirting and flying through chatrooms and strip clubs, honesty becomes a performance.  In a dense and tangled network, Alice, Anna, Dan, and Larry capture and negotiate their many loves by any and all emotional means.  And the London streets look more and more like a Möbius strip.  Will this loop return them to the truth?"

Logan Center for the Arts.
Chicago, IL, 2015.

Directed by Scarlett Kim
Scenic Design by Lee Ehudin
Original Music by Ivan Pyzow
Lighting Design by Maria Decker
Costume Design by Isabelle Langrock

Performances by:
Chris Deakin, Elisabeth Del Toro, Natalie Pasquinelli, Alex Morales