MEDEA is the laboratory of love and survival, where things are what they are: with too much
body and too little materiality suspended on an impossible and inevitable crown moulding
between concentric circles of being and becoming. Who is this shapeshifting third actor in
the triptych and are you a red herring? Salon Medea Miasma was what called our practice,
and MEDEA was the name of our source material and our work. Then, this end-of-the-world
feeling, as it magnetized me in between the ocean and our childhood homes, turned me inside
out into neither I, nor not I, but not nothing, either... To do Medea is to be Medea is to see
Medea, to stage our own birth, wedding and funeral under the constellation of Medea, and, to
experience past, present and future at once.

California Institute of the Arts, 2017.

Directed by Scarlett Kim
Scenic Design by Eli Smith
Sound Design by Ashley Diaz
Music by Dan Gower
Lighting Design by RS Buck
Costume Design by Lynn Thonet Gross
Video Design by Jesse Garrison

Performances by: Carolina Vargas, Gabriel Jimenez, Chris Wentworth, Chance Lang, Heaven Gonzalez, Micah Mora, Ani Kazandijan, Maya Brattkus, Noga Yechieli