READY! SET! is an experiment in waiting onstage as a sincere reflection of our everyday lives and metaphysical dread. Our perpetual state of waiting in life is overwritten by a rapid-fire sequence of what we do when we wait, such as rehearsing our identities, fantasizing heroic narratives, and spiraling into nightmare. By performing a play made up of different ways of waiting, we attempt to make sense of our non-linear relationship to time.

The audience is split into two rooms: in one room the audience sees actors perform in front of a green screen in flesh, but not the digital content being layered on in real-time. The other room is a movie theater, screening a film that composites the live-feed movie of the actors in the other room with images that furnish the chroma-keyed surfaces.

Quoting personal experiences with immigration policies, crowd control mechanisms, identity politics, and creative paralysis, READY! SET! narrativizes existence as a relentless omnibus of waiting, disrupted by fake victories, ultimately adding up to a dramatic nothing.

Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, 2019.

This project has been supported, in part, by a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant.

Directed by Scarlett Kim
Media Design by Scarlett Kim & Alex Grover
Scenic & Costume Design by Alex Grover
Original Music & Sound Design by Anthony Storniolo
Lighting Design by Pei-Yu Lai

Performances by: Carolina Vargas, Tyler Riggin, Gabriel Jimenez & Peter Mark