A new play inspired by Jonas Barish's book "The Antitheatrical Prejudice." The theatre, no doubt, is always in crisis.” Join in on a funeral march for the theatre, an exorcism of it, then its hospitalization. What happens if we take all the reasons fancy dead Western men say theatre is bad and try to perform them to the fullest degree? Inspired by the book which chronicling the deep-seated hatred of theatre throughout history, this piece examines, and does, why people have always thought theatre to be an abomination. Is it possible that we will find something realer than real through adopting theatricality as a mode of existence and compulsively rehearsing her vices: imitation, ostentation, imminence, effeminacy, and entertainment? After all, “all doers are actors” and “lying is the foundation of all humanity and civilization.

Curious Theater's Rhinofest.
Chicago, IL, 2015.

Directed by Scarlett Kim
Lighting Design by Brett Pepowski
Costume Design by Mari Allison
Sound Design by Derek Spencer

Performances by
James Fleming, Natalie Houchins, Stephanie Litchfield, Michael Reinhard, Derek Spencer