Our international multimedia ensemble from seven countries and across America ritualize our exile experience in the United States into a defiant theatrical collage that enlists the audience in a revolution for a new utopia. Facing end-of-the-world paranoia in America and drowning in media, the exiles labor through the act of remembering and performing. To survive America, they must constantly revise their personal histories and ideologies as the alleged “other.” To combat entropy, to find home, to discover utopia, to believe in anything at all, the ensemble grotesquely reenacts childhood memories and channels political superpowers. The blood-pumping rhythm of pop iconography intersects with intensely intimate storytelling, and cuts to operatic manifestos of political prophets, creating an explosive performance collage that defies borders, genre and time. A rich array of multimedia platforms headed by motion-sensor video and real-time light art partners the athleticism and sensuality of the performing bodies. THE END, THE END, THE END... responds to the urgent identity crisis America is currently undergoing, turning inside-out its “isms.” Through their powerful polyphonic togetherness, the tribe of outsiders-in-a-land-of-outsiders debunks myths of otherness, and invites the audience to co-author the utopia machine. 

Venue 13 @ Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Edinburgh, Scotland, 2017.

Directed by Scarlett Kim
Lighting Design by Dylan Phillips and Josephine Wang
Scenic Design by Alex Grover
Video Design by Shih-Lien Eugene Yen
Costume Design by Chardonnay Tobar
Sound Design by Sam Sewell

Performances by
Carolina Vargas, Tyler Riggin, Gabriel Jimenez, Henita Telo, Bride Ihst, Jinglin Liao, Tori Danner