Play by Heiner Müller. What is human? Hamletmachine explores the spectrum between the extreme of what it means to be not human, ranging from the most primal and animalistic state of being to utmost sterility and sickly perfection. Somewhere between the two polar points simmers and explodes the question of what it means to be human; whether being human denotes some kind of wholesomeness or if we are only haphazard collages of impressions and impulses. What frames all of this, in appropriate postmodern fashion, is the acknowledgment and celebration of the theatricality and the metatheatricality.

Logan Center for the Arts
Chicago, IL, 2013.

Directed by Scarlett Kim
Scenic Design by Lily Lerer
Lighting Design by David Goodman-Edberg
Original Music by Ivan Pyzow
Costume Design by Trevor Ly
Video Design by Alessio Franko

Performances by: Michael Reinhard, Alessio Franko, Stephanie Litchfield, Gabriel Garey Levine, Derek Spencer, Will Craft, Kyle Yeh, Alexandra Levitas, Madeline Fitzgerald, Carol Ann Tan